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Uniform Requirements

The TMLOA uses the following uniform and equipment for all college, high school, and youth lacrosse games:

  • Black shorts with belt loop and pockets (no cargo shorts)

  • Black ankle socks (no crew socks or no-show socks; they should just cover the ankle bone)

  • Black nylon jackets (plain; no striped jackets; no non-black piping or highlights)

  • Short-sleeved striped shirt

  • Long-sleeved striped shirt for cold days)

  • Black belt with plain silver buckle (plain belt; no weaves or designs)

  • Black turf and/or grass athletic shoes with minimal to no contrasting colored logos or markings. Ideally with any logos, designs, or other colors blacked out (black sharpie followed by dab-on shoe polish usually works well; some people use black nail polish)

  • Black hat with white piping

  • Two penalty flags (gold-ball flags can be used, but black-ball flags should be purchased if possible when buying new flags)

  • Black Fox-40 finger-grip whistle

  • Lacrosse Scorecard

  • Pencils

  • Coin at least the size of a half dollar

  • Lacrosse official's timer (reference this link)

  • Small tape measure (6 ft., preferably black or covered in black tape)


The head of crew (Referee) makes final decisions on the uniform for the day, and all officials must be dressed the same (e.g., you cannot have one official wearing shorts and one wearing pants). If you are not the referee, bring all of your uniform options to each game so the referee can decide what will be worn.


Flag and US Lacrosse Patches (Optional)

The US Lacrosse patch is worn on the left sleeve for high school and youth level games. The top of the patch should be roughly 3 inches down from the shoulder seam. For college games, the "Collegiate Certified" patch is worn on the same spot.


The US flag patch is worn centered on the left breast pocket and with the bottom of the patch ¾ inches above that pocket. 



Optional recommended gear includes:

  • Black nylon rain pants with zipper ankles (no stripes or logos)

  • A black nylon jacket (see above)

  • A short-sleeved mesh striped shirt (if you will work games in the summer)

  • Black wicking T-shirts for under your striped shirt (long and short sleeves)

  • A new officials hat (and/or a mesh hat for hot days)

  • A plain black bag for your gear

  • Shoe polish (to keep black shoes looking nice)

  • Spare or replacement Fox-40 finger-grip whistles, a Fox-40 lanyard whistle as a backup, penalty flags, score cards, coins, tape measures, pencils, erasers, black belt, shorts, socks

  • Any other items (e.g., gloves, headbands) should be black.



Hot-Weather Options

On very hot days in non-varsity leagues, the referee may choose to have the crew officiate with solid white hats. Mesh shirts are a good option for these days.



Uniform and Equipment Vendors

The following vendors sell lacrosse officiating gear:



Honig’s Whistle Stop

Address: 2225 W Millbrook Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone: (919) 781-8353

Cliff Keen Athletic (official US Lacrosse supplier; use code "USLAXCK5" to get a discount)

Warm weather uniform

Cold weather uniform

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