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Uniform Requirements

The TMLOA uses the following uniform and equipment for all high school, and youth lacrosse games:

  • Black shorts with belt loop and pockets (no cargo shorts)

  • Black ankle socks

  • Short-sleeved striped shirt

  • Long-sleeved striped shirt

  • Black belt with plain silver buckle (plain belt)

  • Black turf and/or grass athletic shoes

  • Black hat with white piping

  • Two penalty flags (black-ball flags are recommended, gold are acceptable)

  • Black Fox-40 finger-grip whistle

  • Lacrosse Scorecard

  • Lacrosse official's timer (reference this link)

  • Small, 6 ft, tape measure that fits in pocket


Optional recommended gear includes:

  • Black nylon rain pants with zipper ankles (no stripes or logos)

  • A black nylon jacket (see above)

  • A short-sleeved mesh striped shirt (if you will work games in the summer)

  • Black wicking T-shirts for under your striped shirt (long and short sleeves)

  • A new officials hat (and/or a mesh hat for hot days)

  • A plain black bag for your gear

  • Flag & US Lacrosse Patches 

  • Shoe polish (to keep black shoes looking nice)

  • Spare or replacement Fox-40 finger-grip whistles, a Fox-40 lanyard whistle as a backup, penalty flags, score cards, coins, tape measures, pencils, erasers, black belt, shorts, socks

  • Any other items (e.g., gloves, headbands) should be black.

Hot-Weather Options

On very hot days in non-varsity leagues, the referee may choose to have the crew officiate with solid white hats. Mesh shirts are a good option for these days.

Uniform and Equipment Vendors

The following vendors sell lacrosse officiating gear:



Honig’s Whistle Stop

Cliff Keen Athletic 

Warm weather uniform

Cold weather uniform

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