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First Year Officials

  • Benefits of becoming an official

    • Stay in shape

    • Give back to the game 

    • Support local athletics 

    • Earn some extra cash!

  • How does scheduling work?

    • We use Arbiter for scheduling, you will be able to create your schedule based off what days you are available & how far you are willing to drive from your location on any given day.

  • What do we wear to the games? 

    • The Referee (head official) makes final decision on the uniform. All officials must be dressed the same. If you are not the referee bring all pieces of your uniform to your scheduled game. 
  • When does the season start? 
    • Lacrosse is a High School Spring Sport. Please Click Here to view our associations calendar .
  • What type of training is provided?

    • New officials will go through two new official clinics & then can work with veteran officials through clinics once a week for 6-weeks prior to the season.

  • What is the average start-up cost to be an official? (costs based on ZebraWear)

    • Dues – $70

    • USL Starter Pack - $90

    • Long Sleeve Shirt - $39

    • Digital Timer 20/100 - $80

    • Black Shoes - $100

    • Total: Around $300-$400

Ready to start? Contact to start the process & ask any questions

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