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Can I become a men’s lacrosse official even if I have no experience with lacrosse?
Yes! We often have new officials who have never played or even seen the game. Our training is extensive and will prepare you to officiate.
What is required to become a Lacrosse Official?
Join the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) by registering on their website. You must attend multiple local clinics, pre-season scrimmages, and pass the annual NFHS rules test.  Please refer to the Resources/Registration page for full details.

Will I be left "alone" as a first time official?
All games will have two officials assigned to them. In addition, the TMLOA has a mentorship program where all new officials are assigned a “mentor” that will assist them with questions & concerns during the season.
How do I make sure I don't get assigned games when I can't work?
We use an online system called Arbiter Sports. Arbiter allows you to block any dates and times you are unavailable and set travel limits from the zip code you will normally depart from for each day of the week.
Are there any costs involved?
In addition to the NCHSAA registration fee, officials are required to pay an annual registration fee of $70 to the regional supervisor of officials.  Officials must also purchase the approved uniform and any accessories needed to officiate. More information on uniform requirements here.

Is there a physical exam required?
There is no physical exam required, however, you must be able to run, jog, sprint, and stand for the full duration of the game.  
What are the game fees?
Game fees are as follows:

  • Varsity:                 3- man crew, $71/official;
                                       2-man crew $84/official  

  • Junior Varsity: 2-man crew, $65/official

  • Middle School: 2-man crew, $60/official

  • Youth:                   2-man crew, fees depend on age group                                                               

Frequently Asked Questions

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