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Can I become a men’s lacrosse official even if I have no experience with lacrosse?

Yes! We often have new officials who have never played or even seen the game. Our training is extensive and will get you ready to officiate. People who have prior lacrosse experience tend to advance a bit faster, as do people with officiating experience in other sports, but if you have never played lacrosse nor officiated any sport, we’ll train you. We have officials working the state high school tournament who never played lacrosse.


What is required to become a Lacrosse Official?

Officials who aspire to work scholastic level games must join the NCHSAA, for the link to join please click here. The cost is $57 if you are not currently registered with the NCHSAA for any other sport; $26 if you are. TMLOA offers a weekend of clinics to introduce new officials to the rules and mechanics of boys’ lacrosse.  These introductory clinics are structured so new officials will have a working knowledge of subject matter before they attend the weekly clinics.  In addition, you must attend a minimum number of local clinics in the January/February time period (multiple sites throughout the Triangle area), attend a minimum number of pre-season scrimmages, and pass the annual NFHS rules test.


How many games will I work?

The TMLOA will train anyone but cannot guarantee games. Currently the supply of officials does not meet the demand so officials, if available, usually work as much as availability permits. We try to balance assignments among officials as much as possible, subject to their availability.


Will I be left "alone" as a first time official?

The TMLOA has a mentorship program whereby all new officials are assigned a veteran official as a mentor who will assist them during their early years.  Our local assignor schedules the middle school and youth games keeping in mind the level of the official.  You will be working with an experienced official early season to mentor you through your first games. All games will have 2 officials assigned to them; there are no single official assigned games.


How do I make sure I don't get assigned games when I can't work?

We use an online assigning system called The Arbiter allows you to block any dates and times you are unavailable, to set travel limits and the zip code you will normally depart from for each day of the week. The system calculates travel times from where you are to the game site to make sure you can get there well in advance of the start time, so you won't get assigned to games beyond your travel limitations. Be aware that limiting your times and travel will also limit the potential number of games to which you can be assigned.


Are there any costs involved?

In addition to the NCHSAA registration fee, officials are required to pay an annual registration fee of $71 to the regional supervisor of officials.  Officials must also purchase the approved uniform and any accessories needed to officiate (i.e. whistles, flags etc.). More information on uniform requirements here. It is strongly recommended that officials join US Lacrosse for its many resources and additional on-field insurance coverage – or consider another source for on-field insurance coverage (NASO - National Association of Sports Officials).


Is there a physical exam required?

There is no physical exam required, however, candidates should be aware of the physical activity required to officiate lacrosse.  This includes running, jogging, sprinting and standing during the duration of the game. 


What are the game fees?

Game fees are as follows:

  • Varsity HS set by NCHSAA: 3- man crew, $61/official; 2-man crew $71/official  

  • JV HS set by NCHSAA- 2-man crew, $56/official

  • Middle School games- 2-man crew, $50/official

  • Youth games, all 2-man, vary from $35 to $45/official depending on age group.                                                                                                          

Frequently Asked Questions

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