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About the TMLOA

The TMLOA recruits, trains and develops area boys' scholastic and youth lacrosse officials. Our experience level ranges from brand new officials—who are just learning to officiate and/or are new to the game of lacrosse—to top-tier officials who have worked at the collegiate level, and officiated state championships, playoffs, tournaments and events.


TMLOA's primary focus is training new and returning officials, with courses conducted using NFHS Lacrosse training materials. New youth officials (working eighth-grade and lower games) complete 14+ hours of classroom and online training, and new high-school level officials complete 18+ hours. Two hours of on-field training is also required for all new officials.

Returning adult officials complete at least 12 hours of in-clinic training annually, and newer officials are paired with more experienced officials for both game situations and ongoing training through our mentoring program. Additionally, our field observation program sends experienced observers and clinicians to watch officials work. The observers meet with the officials after the game and provide verbal and written critique of their performance, including their strengths and shortcomings.


Officials are trained and tested on rules and mechanics. In addition to local clinics, scrimmages and mentoring, we are annually tested on NFHS rules as well as US lacrosse youth rules.


Whether you're new to lacrosse officiating, an experienced lacrosse official new to the Triangle NC, or a coach or athletic director looking for officiating services, the TMLOA is here to meet your needs!

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