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About the TMLOA

The TMLOA develops lacrosse officials to officiate games from high school varsity to youth.  Like most areas of the country, and most sports, we have a shortage of officials due to the explosive growth of lacrosse and population expansion in the Triangle region.  As a result of this, several high school games could not be played last year as there were not enough available officials (note: officials are required for teams to play).


The experience level of our officials ranges from brand new officials to top-tier NCAA  collegiate officials. We pride ourselves in developing all to become the best official they can be.


TMLOA's primary focus is training officials, with courses conducted using USA Lacrosse and NFHS training materials. 

(NFHS = National Federation of state High School associations)


A prospective official can expect to participate in an introductory, new officials, clinic consisting of 10-hrs of classroom orientation, well in advance of the season, designed to help you become familiar with the basics of lacrosse officiating so that when we begin the weekly pre-season clinics, in early January, you have a base of knowledge to build on. It is our hope that this clinic allows you to easily assimilate into the regular pre-season clinics where the topics and discussion are often confusing to the new official who hasn't attended an introductory clinic such as this.


The intro clinic is followed in January by six consecutive weekly classroom clinics, attended by all officials, covering: rules, game situations, game management, professionalism and more. 


In mid to late February, just before the start of the season, all officials participate in on-field training via pre-season scrimmages. Newer officials are paired with, and “shadow”, experienced officials to continue their development in this “live” situation.  Immediately following each scrimmage, all officials are critiqued by one of our veteran officials.  Three pre-season scrimmages are required for all officials each season.


The final step of certification is passing a NFHS rules test (open book) prior to the start of the regular season.

Returning adult officials complete 12 hours of in-clinic training annually. New Officials are paired with more experienced officials for both game situations and ongoing training through our mentoring program. Additionally, our field observation program sends experienced observers to watch officials work. The observers meet with the officials after the game and provide verbal and written critique of their performance.

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