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TMLOA Receives Prestigious US Lacrosse Grant

US Lacrosse has named TMLOA as one of three grant recipients nationally for the Scott Boyle Memorial Observers Program for men’s game officials for the upcoming 2017 season. Our association will receive a $2,500 Scott Boyle Memorial Observers Program grant.

The observer program is designed to help develop new/young officials. As part of the program, experienced officials are trained in observation, evaluation and communication, and are provided resources to observe games officiated by newer officials. Ideally, each new official is observed at least twice and evaluated on his or her progress.

"We are pleased and honored to receive the Scott Boyle Memorial Observers Program grant," Mike McLaughlin TMLOA President said. "Lacrosse is growing at an incredible rate in our part of NC, with new school teams added annually. Keeping up with the demand for officials has left us with few resources to help improve the product on the field through observation. We hope to honor Scott by implementing observations and mentoring to help the officials in the Triangle Area of NC improve."

The program was originally seeded through the Boyle family for advancement of the men’s lacrosse game. For more information about the Scott Boyle Memorial Observers Program, click here.

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